Behringer Minimix MIX800. offerta del mese. spedito gratis

  • Karaoke ProcessorThe perfect solution for your karaoke event

  • For studio and live applications
  • Revolutionary Voice Canceller – effectively removes vocals from any stereo signal and leaves the music content virtually unaffected
  • Integrated digital echo and reverb processor with 24-bit / 40 kHz resolution for ultimate vocal enhancement
  • 2 Independent microphone channels each with volume control and clip display allow perfect modulation
  • Precise 2-band EQ for ultimate vocal enhancement and tone control
  • Accurate, 6-digit LED output level meter for accurate level control
  • Stereo line inputs and outputs to connect your favorite music to CD, MP3, tape recorder, etc.
  • High quality potentiometers and illuminated switches for years of reliability
  • Extremely low-noise operational amplifier for excellent sound quality
  • All Mini Series models are stackable and can be combined into a compact signal processor solution
  • Front connectors: Mic Input 1 and Mic Input 2 each 6.3 mm mono jack; rear connections: audio in and out 2x cinch
  • External power adapter (included)




Descrizione prodotto

Karaoke ProcessorThe perfect solution for your karaoke event: With the MIX800’s revolutionary voice canceller, you can effectively remove vocals from any stereo signal, almost without affecting the rest of the music. For a significant improvement of vocals a digital 24-bit echo and reverb processor ensures.

The MIX800 has two independent microphone channels with separate volume controls and clip indicators for perfect control. A precise 2-band EQ allows for improved voices and effective sound control. The precise, six-digit LED output level meter allows accurate level control. The stereo line inputs and outputs can be used to connect other devices to play CDs, MP3 files or cassettes. High-quality potentiometers and illuminated switches guarantee long-term reliability. In addition, our extremely low-noise operational amplifiers deliver excellent sound quality.

All models in the Mini Series are stackable, and together form a compact combination of signal processors that covers even more than the essential functions of a studio.

Karaoke has never been so much fun!