Electro-Voice N/D 408A Dynamic Microphone Usato. SPEDITO GRATIS

  • Microfono dinamico
  • marca Electro voice
  • mod. N/D 408A Dynamic Microphone
  • in condizione di Usato, in ottime condizioni, perfettamente funzionante
  • Prodotto selezionato e consigliato dallo Staff di www.italiastrumentimusicali.com,
  • Spedizione in Omaggio
  • For your consideration is a vintage Electro-Voice N/D 408A dynamic supercardioid microphone in great working condition. It has some scratches and wear here and there, but it’s working just as it should. This is a great sounding little mic. It has a frequency response of 30-22,000hz! I have several more of these available, so be sure to check out my store. These are popular for use on guitar cabs, snares, toms, percussion, and horns. I’m sure it would sound nice on other things too. It will be packed extremely carefully and shipped out quickly. I try to ship the same day I receive payment.
    Thanks, Chris

    The Electro-Voice N/D408 is a supercardioid dynamic microphone utilizing a revolutionary neodymium alloy to form the EV-exclusive N/DYM® magnet with four times the power potential of conventional microphone magnets. With a computer-optimized design, the N/DYM magnetic structure is maximized in the N/D408 to provide 6-dB more output sensitivity over conventional designs while the more uniform magnetic field lowers distortion during peak sound pressure levels. The large diaphragm contains 50 percent more surface area than conventional designs and is reinforced to prevent “breakup.” The result is an extended high-frequency response with an open, transparent sound quality. The exceptional sensitivity of the N/D408 combined with the inherently low noise of a dynamic transducer insures a superior signal-to-noise ratio ready for digital recording and sampling. To further reduce noise, a highly effective hum-bucking coil is used to cancel hum from lighting and other sources. N/DYM® Series II microphones feature DynaDampTM, an advanced vibration-isolation material . DynaDampTM is a unique foamed elastomer, specifically formulated for vibration control. DynaDampTM forms an advanced-technology vibration-isolation system which dramatically reduces all forms of vibration transmitted noise for the most demanding situations. The N/DYM® Series II pop filter incorporated a special molded retainer which insures optimum placement of the Acoustifoam™ filter material, for maximum rejection of both wind noise and vocal P-pops. The retainer makes the pop filter an integral part of the microphone’s removable upper grille assembly, allowing easy cleaning for continued top performance. The uniform supercardioid polar pattern of the N/D408 insures superior gain-before-feedback in live applications and better isolation in the studio at all frequencies-compared with other directional microphones with widely varying polar characteristics.