• Polyphonie de 128 notes, 48 parties de multitimbralité
  • Ecran Led couleur tft 7″, sensitif 800×480 pixels, luminosité réglable
  • Player : Fichiers reconnus :  Wav, Midi, Mp3, Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, Cdg, Jpg, Txt, Pdf.
  • Fonctions du player multimédia :Marker, sync/next, autoplay, lead mute, GM part, lyric off, cross fade, file search, play list, my folder, transposer, time stretching,metronome click, midi multimix, song drum restyle.
  • Lecteur Multipistes : 5 + 1 Audio
  • JukeBox : PlayList, my folders, effets spéciaux SFX
  • Films et Photos : Jpg & Mp4, Avi, Mov, Flv, karaoke background, movie/PDF to RGB, pic list, autoshow, Dvi: video monitor out, karaoke lyric /Mirror
  • Menu :Disk, midi, play modes, audio edit, language, footswitch, preferences, controls, video, reg, set up, arabic mode, micro/Vocal, mic2/Guitar, juke box, DSP, records
  • Médias : Stockage interne : SSD de 16Gb, USB : 3 x Host + 1 x device , cartes SD
  • Générateur sonore : 668 GM sounds, 5 sound banks, voice list, 48 drum sets + stereo special kit, live drum modeling.
  • Voies : 368 preset voices, new stereo grand piano, 368 user voice, 2nd voice, V-tone, double up/Down, harmony, EFX insert, voice editing.
  • Arrangeur :260 styles full audio drum and groove equipped, user style section, midi drum mixer & remap, 4 arranger ABCD, 4 fill, 4 break, 3 intro, 3 ending, drum, groove, bass, chords 1-5, lower 1-2, auto fill, fill to arrange, to end, reintro, key start, key stop, restart, count in, drum boost,4 voice set, voice to ABCD, voice & vari, 5 user tabs, V-tone.
  • Modes : Pianist (Auto-standard), bassist (Easy, expert), manual bass, bass to lowest.
  • Style Modeling : Interactive modeling library with massive audio drums, bass, latin groove, piano, guitar and orchestral templates.
  • Modes de Jeu : aster keyboard, accordion style, accordion classic, guitar mode with Efx (thru input).
  • Registrations : 4 bank x 1024 regs, full panel and function programming
  • DSP : ype: chorus, reverb, flanger, phaser, tremolo, rotary, echo delay, tap delay,equalizer, distortion, amp simulator, compressor, filter, EFX insert (54 types), 10 programmable insert chains.
  • Enregistrement : HD recording: 1 stereo track, loop, audio edit with cut, normalize, midi recording, phrase and song.
  • Entrée micro : LR input, gain control, volume, reverb, micro on/Off edit, talk.
  • Voicetron : 3 voice vocalizer, 10 voicetron presets + 10 user.
  • Manuel d’utilisation dans le module en HTML
  • MIDI : n1 (Gm), In2 (Keyb), out, thru, midi setup: standard, computer & sequencer, keyboard right, accordion, player, style.
  • Sorties : Left/Right stereo, pedal volume, micro out.
  • Entrées guitare ou micro2
  • Sortie casque, sorties séparées pouvant être assignées à la batterie, basse ou click
  • Options : pédalier 6 ou 13 effets, pédale de volume, pédale de sustain housse et étui
  • Alimentation 9V/4A
  • Dimensions : 110.5x 13,5 x 40cm
  • Poids : 19Kg



In 2/4 Giorni consegnato a Voi

Descrizione prodotto

Con SD60Ketron intende mantenere la propria leadership nell’ambito delle tastiere arranger professionali:

In addition to the standard SD7 specifications, the SD9 offers the following new extra-features:KEYBOARD: 76 semi-weighted keys.DISPLAY: capacitive 7” Touch Screen.SOUNDS: new state-of-the-art Grand Pianos. More than 100 New professional sounds with Strings, Brass, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth and Organs with true Slow_Fast Rotor samples. New Emotional Classic Solos Violin, Oboe, Flute, Soprano, Peruvian Flute, with natural decay and vibrato. Voice Edit enhanced with DSP and Insert controls.LIVE GUITARS: up to 100 New audio Live Guitars featuring Folk, Electric and Nylon Guitar Patterns.GROOVES: more than 400 Stereo Latin Percussion Grooves.LAUNCHPAD: new powerful and full interactive ambient combining Style Modeling, Real Time Sequencer and Loop Maker, with 12 Pads and 6 Scenes. STYLES: 300 Styles. New Live Band Styles with New Audio Drums and Live Guitars. Compatibility with User Audio Drums @ from Audya series. Possibilty to import custom Audio Drums into the machine. Style Edit with New Pattern recording and Editing functions.MODELING: new Modeling enhanced with Live Guitars, Latin Grooves, Audio Drums, New Bass and Synth Sequences.USER MEMORYup to 700 MB of Flash memory available for User Sounds or additional KETRON Libraries.SAMPLE EDITOR: capability for the user to create and store his own Multisample instruments.  MULTIMEDIA: 3 x USB Host. 1 Usb device. Optional Hard disk.