tc electronic Shaker Vibrato. offerta del mese spedito gratis

Caratteristiche principali (SPEDIZIONE GRATUITA)

  • Prodotto Consigliato dallo staff di Italiastrumentimusciali, spedito gratis
  • Il prodotto è entrato in Promozione Saldo, per OFFERTA DEL MESE
  • Vibrato
  • Speed – Depth – Rise Time – Tone Control
  • 2 Different vibrato settings
  • USB port for TonePrint sounds and software updates
  • True Bypass
  • Power supply: 9V DC power supply or battery operation (both optionally available)




Descrizione prodotto

The TC Electronic Shaker is a vibrato effect. Adjustable in Speed, Depth, Rise Time and Tone, offering all possibilities. The sound becomes especially musical when you adjust the Rise Time with feeling. Good singers, but also guitarists don’t complain immediately – they sing/play straight first and then add the vibrato to the tone. Impressive!

Everything is possible – from the musical effects explained above to really dramatic effects. A three-way switch lets you choose between Vibrato, TonePrint and Latch mode.

TonePrint is the new TC Electronics feature: with USB connection, you can receive TonePrint sounds and software updates via the Internet – possibly the future of music electronics?

The Latch mode really has it all. It only sounds when the footswitch is held down – ideal for giving long fading chords a beautiful finish, or achieving a dramatic effect at certain points during a solo.