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  • Onerr TW-1 Touch Wah vintage. In saldo offerta del mese. spedito gratis

    Pedale effetto per chitarra marca Onerr mod. TWA-1 Touch Wah Vintage Nuovo in saldo fine serie ultimo pezzo di magazzino effetto genrato Wha vintage Prodotto selezionato e consigliato dallo Staff di, Spedizione in Omaggio SensGives to you possibility of controlling how sensible the TW-1 will response to your picking style. This knob is also useful to find an accurate set when you use different guitars with diferent pickup styles. AttackControls the speed of TW1. It will response to your picking style. Set to maximum, TW-1 is sensible even for faster technics. Set to minimum, it will response less rhythmic and more melodious as you move the wah wah pedal slowly while you play it. RangeGives you control of depth of wah effect. Pitch (Normal/Inverse)This switch allows you to change the pedal pitch form NOR(Normal) to INV(Inverse). NOR: Starts pitch on High tone (When you pick the string) going to LOW tones ( While string tunes). INV : Starts pitch on LOW tone (When you pick the string) going to HIGH tone (While string tunes). The Touch Wah Vintage is a pick controlled wah. That means that instead of you pushing the pedal up and down, it changes the wah sound for you. You must play, and the TW-1 interacts with your picking style! The internal circuitry was developed by using a custom coil inductor in the internal filter section, giving you the most “desirable” tones of the acclaimed wah-wah pedal

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